Freitag, 4. Dezember 2009


This is my new doll Annabelle. I got the horse from a friend, she loves this horses.
Now I have sculpt this riding lady dressed with a black silk skirt and jacket with a blouse made from lace.
I have also made the leather boots.
The hat is from Heidi Ott and decorated with tulle, feathers and ribbons.
The doll will be a present for my friend for christmas


Reisl Today hat gesagt…

That is a beautiful doll!
Sehr schön! :)
Oh, I hear tomorrow is the day for the krampus! Haha..
Stay safe!

Karin hat gesagt…

Hello Reisl, I think I will see some Karampus on a Christmas market this weekend. I hope my husband will protect me ;-))